there was this Mexican kid we worked with who would say racist things against Mexican Americans. and i am not being racist for saying "Mexican Kid". he was from Mexico and was a citizen of Mexico and was here under a false name. 

heavy machinery sodomy

i asked a customer what i should draw. he said, "how about that forklift going up your ass!" it was a good idea, so i drew it.

rest in peace.

at our work, shipwreck found a piece of flagsone and made a gravestone out of it.  he wrote RIP BOBA FETT on it...... it was displayed for 2 years untill some crackhead temp people threw it in the trash.

beacons local team

thatcher made the nautical star as a beacons logo. this was when he was know as jordan

faces of things

Padre game

a few of our employees snuck in some weed to a Padres baseball game and got busted. i cant remember all their names but it was pretty funny to hear about all that happened  during the following  monday.

marine layer

you know you see these chicks at the bar. usually the last ones there, hunting for Marines. "Ahoy there salior",

dangerous babe.

i used this girl's pose as a painting that i gave to my girlfriend. it turned out pretty cool.